Virgin Media UK departments

Virgin Media UK departments

In this piece I’d like to give everyone a brief overview on the departmental system of this special telecommunications company which could strike such a deal in 2006 which enables them to use the internationally famous Virgin logo as its own.

The company was the first ever UK telecom business which started to offer the following services altogether in the area of UK:

As an extra, the company offers tailor-made services for large companies who want to build out their own telecommunications system, offering a wide array of database, call-center and multimedia solutions.

Let’s take a look at all the distinct departments of Virgin Media this time around, giving a brief description on each one’s task and characteristics.

Virgin Broadband: * Offering broadband, cable broadband and ADSL internet through FTTN network. Although it’s being known as a fiber optic broadband network unlike in the United States this service is not a direct connection to home service.

Virgin Media Business: * Formerly known as Telewest this branch focuses on providing dedicated telecom services for large businesses

Virgin Mobile: * this is a semi-independent company called Virgin Mobile Telecoms Ltd. Being a Virtual Network Operator having contract to use the network of EE. It has more than 4 million subscribers

Virgin Phone: * Being ranked as the second largest landline provider today the main click n bait for the company is to offer free phone to mobile calls for all its subscribers.

Virgin TV: * The digital cable network is the second pay per TV service with over 4 M subscribers pairing its regular services with Video on demand services. The full service provides access to over 300 cable TV channels national and international likewise. One can also access pay per view channels through the tv services.

Let me add that with Sky being the largest telecom provider in the UK, Virgin doesn’t yet have full coverage with their services. But reaching 5.2 million customers in just 10 years’ time is a huge achievement all in all and thanks to its brilliant branding and marketing solutions, we can expect this number climb even higher.

Virgin Media profits a lot from the catchy Virgin brand symbol, a high profile advertising system and a good array of telecom packages that come depending on users’ needs.

The company has stores in practically every city of United Kingdom and its website offers online customer service too. With the TV channels offered by Virgin media one can really feel international on all levels. Virgin is also up to date in offering the latest mobile devices with good rates and several payment options for its customers.